HUBLOT Oceanographic EXO4000 watches

Brendan Foley

This is the dream of every archaeologist scientific expedition. 1901, sleeping in the Greek seas treasure was first discovered. This is a wreck, it was discovered what may be the world’s oldest “astronomy calculator.”
October 2014, under the divers and archaeologists led by Brendan Foley, scientific expedition to return to Kythira offshore Antikythera wreck device, expand the second great historical significance of the deep Quest. But this time, they will be equipped with the latest generation, designed for extreme environments designed diving suit – has a special significance for the activities of this was painted “Hublot color” EXOSUIT.
In support of this event and this event as a memorial, Mathias Buttet Hublot Director of Research and Development also attended the diving activities for everyone present specially designed for extreme diving diving watch –Oceanographic EXO4000, to this extraordinary expedition to the scientists involved in this tribute.
Antikythera mechanism is the history of human civilization, the most mysterious device. Today, the Antikythera mechanism in the scientific community is still widely known, scientists are still in a detailed study of its structure. But when it was first discovered in 1901, its great historical and technical value has been a mystery, urgent exploration. “Machinery” of the concept created by ancient Greek and Roman times was simply not even among the areas considered experts. After this, there are some non-scientific personnel foolishly think Antikythera mechanism is likely to be days of foreign objects, to muddy the water is its only function.
Today, the wreck in the Greek island of Antikythera in coastal waters, which is found in the most ancient human history, “astronomy calculator” place, to become the ultimate destination of the second underwater archaeological expedition.

Rolex Deepsea D-Blue watches

Rolex Deepsea D-Blue
We all know that Rolex watch diving watch is the most significant representatives of the world. And other diving watch is different. Rolex Deepsea watch watch pursue the idea so watch more remarkable. With blue luminous materials, helium valve, Ringlock system that allows this watch diving performance is more robust.
No other watch is designed to be comparable with the Rolex Deepsea. This new generation of divers watch is water resistant up to 3,900 meters deep, with Rolex unique and innovative design, fully meet the most stringent requirements of professional divers. Rolex Deepsea whether in solid, accuracy, functionality and reliability are laying the new standards. Rolex Deepsea is the ultimate for real Oyster watch, and stand the test challenges. Its 44 mm Oyster case with patented Ringlock system, achievement of a durable and robust and moderate-sized practical watch. This pioneering spirit continues to lead the Rolex Oyster watch created, and 1950 in the 1960s developed the Submariner and Sea-classic diving watch and. Rolex Deepsea 3900 has many new features.
There are upscale and Rolex Rolex Submariner watches, Rolex watches are representative of those works. Men are essential watch.
Helium valve
After professional divers dive, you must first go to a decompression chamber gas mixture containing helium inhalation. In the pressure cabin, which is extremely light and unstable helium gas permeable every corner, even if the internal watch.

It is released in the watch faster than cabin decompression is slow, it is trapped in relatively large pressure inside the watch that may lead to irreparable damage. Taking into account various factors, Rolex engineers have developed a helium valve spring assembly: When the watch inside and outside with a difference of more than 3-5 bar pressure, the valve will open to let the helium release, and waterproof watch at this time not affected.
Ringlock system
Depends unique Ringlock system for Rolex Deepsea has a remarkable firmness, waterproof and pressure resistance. The Rolex patented innovations case structure, so that the watch can withstand a depth of 3,900 meters of strong pressure, equivalent to about 3 tons of pressure. System consists of three main elements: the focus of the system is that the nitrogen-alloyed stainless steel ring, and 5 mm thick arched blue crystal glass and 5 titanium case back complement each other.
Blue luminous material
Innovative Chromalight surface luminous display is clear to read effectively enhance the invention when in dark environments. The blue light display time is twice the normal luminous materials. By the same luminous material, so that the wearer even in the dark seabed done and still be able to clearly read on the outer triangular zero mark
Rolex Glidelock extension system
Patented Glidelock extension system allows divers even wearing a wetsuit, but also without the use of any tools can easily adjust the strap to experience stable and comfortable feeling to wear the watch. Buckle under sturdy toothed components can each measure 2 mm in length, will be extended to 20 mm strap.
Titanium case back
Two case designed to help Rolex Deepsea withstand the enormous pressure caused by water depth. First, a solid titanium case back because of high hardness but with this clever flexible titanium alloy material, so that the watch can withstand the weight of the deep sea and intact. In addition, the water pressure itself three main components Ringlock system will help more fit, so the case is closed tighter bottom with depth, and the ability to produce fully sealed case.
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SWATCH openly competing with Apple


Early May, the Swiss watchmaker SWATCH publicly prevent Apple uses “iWatch” trademark. SWATCH Group CEO Nick Hayek believes, SWATCH Group already owns much earlier “iSwatch” trademark, while Apple’s “iWatch” name “iSwatch” too similar to Apple’s possible to “iSwatch” brand damage.
In my opinion, Hayek than saying the surface seems to be no problem, but if Hayek really just worried about trademark issues, things that matter so long as it can be, but at different times on different occasions Hayek but then the smart meter product itself repeatedly express their views, which were also revealed his inner contradictions and complexity of mind.
Nick Hayek expression on Apple registered “iWatch” resolutely opposed trademark while in public and said “no intention Swatch and Apple to court.” This can not help but think that Hayek’s objection is only the expression of a position, Hayek did not really want to go to war.
SWATCH GROUP has a special significance for the Swiss watchmaking industry, Hayek as the leader of this group of course, to stand. And we just look at the size of the two companies may be able to appreciate Hayek’s frustration, Apple’s current market capitalization of about $ 550 billion, while the market capitalization of the Swatch about $ 32 billion, Apple’s total market capitalization of over Swatch Qi Group’s total market value of about 16 times. For SWATCH Group, the face of such disparity gap, to avoid head-on nature is the best.
Hayek has also express the views of the smart table, said, in his view, because of technical limitations, the end result is a smart watch – “the game.” What he really wanted to do? I believe that this is not necessarily down, compared to the various external position, Hayek annual shareholder meeting this year on the SWATCH Group said perhaps closer to his true thoughts.
Swatch Group in Switzerland Granges 2014 Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held on May 14, Hayek spent a lot of time to explain his attitude towards intelligent table. For this lengthy intelligence on the table, so much elaborated to explain as it is more appropriate. Hayek explained to all present shareholders Road, Swatch Group is not until 2013 before considering this type of product. In fact as early as 1991 SWATCH has launched a variety of intelligent watches, Hayek will also make a note of these products eleven. Finally, Nick Hayek with an approximate comforting tone to the shareholders’ meeting to ensure “SWATCH Group has accumulated a large number of related technologies related to smart table and ready to launch such products according to market demand,” but he was tight then he said, “At present, the timing of the introduction of such products has not yet ripe.”
It seems that Hayek Hayek might be interpreted as a dig at Apple’s position in those outside the smart table, but in fact he is very concerned about this area. In fact, we just think you can appreciate for Hayek pressure on him. – Quartz wave of the last century to the Swiss watch industry with a heavy blow at stake on the occasion, Nick Hayek’s father is old Hayek (Nicolas G. Hayek) led the Swiss watch industry revival. In that battle, the victory in Switzerland is thorough, it completely defeated Japan and the United States are two main competitors, this advantage to maintain the current decades.
However, the market is constantly changing, since the year of quartz technology can bring the Swiss watchmaking industry bearing the blow, and the emergence of new technologies in the future will not lead to a similar situation from happening again? It is clear, however small Hayek was not afford to lose, otherwise it will ruin all the efforts of his father paid. So, he must maintain a high degree of awareness of new trends. And due to the current strong position of traditional Swiss watches in the world, he wants to express on behalf of Switzerland, a kind of contempt for emerging.

Interpretation of the unique charm of Cartier watches

Classic that heritage. Cartier since produced the world’s first watch worn on the wrist, it has opened up a new era of watches. From Cartier tank to Cartier ballon bleu always insist on doing the most perfect watch.
Now Replica Cartier jewelry are synonymous with fashion. Almost everyone will know Cartier watches. From making jewelry to watches. Cartier after a hundred years of ups and downs. Now only the achievements of Cartier.
cartier tank watches
Cartier tank watch Cartier watch in a very classic. Design from World War II tanks. Simple and elegant appearance, dynamic, and very elegant. Many celebrities like Cartier tank watch. As U.S. President Barack Obama’s wife is very favored.
cartier ballon bleu watches
Replica Cartier ballon bleu is the best-selling. Elegant appearance, coupled with Roman numerals. So watch very elegant. ballon bleu were three sizes: large, medium and small. And gold rose gold watch.
Cartier watches have been recognized worldwide. Almost everyone knows Cartier watch. Cartier jewelry is not only famous watches are also very famous.

Cartier Santos 100 Chronograph Stainless Steel Mens Watches

Cartier Santos 100
Cartier Santos 100 Chronograph Stainless Steel Mens Watches
Movement: Reliable automatic self-wind movement
Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Day, 24 Hours
Case Material: Full Stainless Steel Construction
Case Diameter: 39mm x 51mm
Dial Color: Silver Grained dial
Dial Markers: Black Roman numerals and three subdials
Hands: Luminous sword hands
Crystal: High Quality Scratch Resistant Mineral Crystal
Bezel: Polished Stainless Steel Bezel
Crown: Octagonal Crown Set With a Diamond and two buttons
Band: Black alligator leather strap
Clasp: Push buttons dployment clasp
Calender: Date displays between 4 and 5 o’clock
Water Resistant
Cartier Santos 100 Chronograph markings, logos and engravings in all the appropriate places


bvlgari watches
Bvlgari SERPENTI Watch SPP35BGDG.1T 18kt pink gold set with round brilliant-cut diamonds
Movement: Precious Quartz
Model: SPP35BGDG.1T
Functions: Hours, minutes
Calendar: -
Case Material: 18kt pink gold set with round brilliant-cut diamonds
Case Back: Screwed Down
Case Diameter: 35 mm
Dial Color: Black opaline with a guilloche soleil treatment
Dial Markers: Stick and numerals
Crystal: High precision material
Bezel: -
Crown: Push In
Band: 18kt pink gold
Clasp: -
Bvlgari SERPENTI watches markings, logos and engravings in all the appropriate places

Luxury brand Cartier jewelry classic

Cartier Love Bracele Screwdriver
As a girl. I am very understanding of luxury brands, almost every girl a soft spot for luxury brands. For example, on my very favorite Cartier.
My first Cartier watches, it is a classic Cartier Tank watch. This watch is a low-key appearance fascinated me. Since then I fell in love with this brand. I started to buy a lot of about Cartier fashion magazines. So I am very understanding of Cartier.
Earrings girls are very fond of. Almost every girl will have earrings. Cartier earrings with luxury workmanship. The exterior design has a very characteristic. Wonderful shape, classic design, perfect match, Cartier earrings are classic lies.
Cartier ring is also very attractive. More and more people choose to get married Cartier love ring as a wedding ring. And each ring has a very distinctive. Cartier wedding ring and also more and more young people love object.
Cartier has become the world’s unique jewelry brand.

The most professional replica Cartier watches online store


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Cartier love rings available to ensure low-profile luxury

Cartier love rings
Ring becomes the most precious item as it has sacred meaning which is often used for important party such as wedding and engagement party. For this reason, more and more people try to get beautiful ring for their engagement or wedding party. Nowadays, there are many beautiful rings that can be chosen based on people’s preferences. One of the rings that may become very special is art deco emerald ring. This ring is created from beautiful gemstone; opal that will make the ring becomes very beautiful since the green color will shine through any people’s sight that sees the ring. This ring becomes great item that will make any people happy when they receive this ring. Besides, this ring becomes very special for some important occasions such as wedding, engagement, or even other important thing in human’s life. The white gold love ring can be purchased on any places such as jewelry shop and online jewelry shop. For this reason, any people can choose it based on their needs. If you want to get this item for your couple, there is some information that is very important which is related with this item. The art deco emerald ring has some important information that is very important to be known by any people before, they decide to wrap this ring as a gift for their couple.
What is so special about art deco emerald ring? The thing that make this ring becomes very special is the white gold. For this reason, it becomes very special for any people who want to get this ring since the ring becomes very precious. In addition to its green color, the design of the love ring is very outstanding. Any people will become very happy when they receive this thing for them. what’s more, the price is very reasonable and cheap. For this reason, there is no need to think twice if you want to get this ring for your special moment in your life.
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Cartier interprets the Ballon Bleu watch series in comic form

Ballon bleu de cartier watches
Echoes of distant stars,coupled with the flashing light of white diamonds , make a perfect piece of ribbon drape in the sky dazzling …… full moon night, Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch is like a comet, falling in Cartier workshops .
Like the French modernist poet Baudelaire ‘s poem, which chanted spiritual and sensual frenzy. Light as if it has no weight, Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch put the classic design elements into their own use, creating a entirely new look, as if the woman changed her makeup. The case still maintains a charming pebble shape, like a precious cartridge. Glyph guilloche mother of pearl dial, sword-shaped blue steel pointers – Ballon Bleu de Cartier series iconic elements are not absent. Roman numerals and minute track are slightly off the track, to highlight the brilliant diamond inlaid with the 4:00 position. Bracelet consists of five rows of perfect shape “bubble” , with inlaid diamonds or shiny smooth surface , like a gulf stream pouring down.
Seven years ago, Ballon Bleu de Cartier series turned up . the star falling from the sky, lit the bright sky of Ballon Bleu de Cartier series . Today, the new Ballon Bleu de Cartier watches shine the watchmaking universe again. Like that 7 years ago, with the same choice of comic form, Cartier has interpreted the ladies jewelry watches to the peak .
Comics industry also sets off a wave of women, which is timely . Cartier carefully selected four hottest female cartoonists with distinct styles, whose proficient skills are sufficient to match the glamorous new watches. Takahama young Japanese cartoonist portrayed a woman who was on an adventurous journey ; Paris cartoonist Nadja talked about what was eternal beauty; Posy Simmonds full of British style used keen eye to capture the light of women’s gestures; while Rebecca Dautremer traveling through time to tell a timeless emotion. In addition to four female artists, the male illustrator Floc’h was also invited to join the creation, interpreting the ” servant in heart .” with elegant style.summer in Tokyo, autumn in Paris, brutal winter in London and the mysterious fantasy, Ballon bleu de Cartier series involved in four dreamy story among the states with heady bloom to blaze a trail of excellence.